Kenofix Spray - 300ml - NI & ROI delivery only

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Code F/120
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  • Description

    KenoFix is a nourishing and protective spray for skin or hooves. This layer forms a barrier against bacteria and infections, among other things. In addition, the nourishing spray disinfects and contains a bitter substance in the form of Bitrex to prevent ear and tail biting in pigs. The spray has a blue colour.

    Kenofix is manufactured in a high quality aerosol spray in which the gas is 100% homogenous with the concentrate. This guarantees a constant pressure at all times. It is functional (spray able) in all possible (can) positions, which can be very important in some applications.

    Its creates a strong and flexible film on the skin that releases a constant and prolonged biocidal substance. When applied, kenofix dries fast, has a good skin adhesion and has no outward stickiness. Furthermore the film is permeable for oxygen, allowing the skin to breathe.

    Key Features

    • Kenofix is ready to use on all species (pigs, cattle, sheep, horses).
    • Disinfect with Kenofix by spraying 15-20 cm from the skin, hooves, claws, knees, tail-ends, ears, navels or scrotum.
    • Provides a constant and even spray at all times.
    • Shaking before use is not neccessary.
    • The spray functions in all positions (even upside down)
    • Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material. 

    Perfect for:

    • De Horning
    • Cesarean Sections
    • Sore Feet
    • Tail Docking in pigs
    • Cuts, Grazes & Wounds
    • Digital Dermatitis
    • Also acts as an Anti inflammatory  
    • Also contains Bitrex which is ideal for ear and tail biting in pigs