HVS Liquid Gold Cattle - 2.5 Litre

Code HVS/06
Code HVS/06
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  • Description

    An organically chelated trace mineral & multi vitamin completary feed for growing and finishing of Dairy Replacements, Beef Cattle and Suckler Cows.

    All cattle on forage based diets will respond to HVS Liquid Gold – Cattle, especially in areas of Copper deficiency, whether naturally occurring or induced by the presence, in excess, of elements such as, molybdenum and sulphur which have the effect of ‘locking-up’ the copper and making it unavailable to stock, even though it is actually present in the diet. This locking-up effect can prevent the utilisation of copper even when given by inter-muscular injection, whereas there is a growing wealth of evidence that HVS Liquid Gold –  Cattle is effective even in these circumstances.

    Beef Cattle – Suckler Herds and Stores

    Dose cows 4-6 weeks before calving and 2/3 weeks before service 

    Dose calves at 1 month old and again at 3 months 

    Dose stores/yearlings at turn-out and housing Bulls – every 3 months 

    Dairy Cattle and Followers

    HVS Liquid Gold Cattle is extremely beneficial as an aid to the development of dairy heifers required to achieve physical maturity for calving at 2 years. These heifers should be dosed at weaning and then approx every 6 months.

    Frequency of Dosing

    Normally 3-6 months. Young stock, those recovering from illness or heavy parasite attack, or high performance cattle, may respond to more frequent dosing, but a twice yearly routine has proved highly effective on most farms, including many on which acute deficiencies have been experienced previously.