Natural Stockcare Cobalt B12 with Selenium

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Code NSC/3
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  • Description

    Cobalt B12 with Selenium contains Cobalt, Vitamin B12, Selenium and Vitamin B1 which together results in an unique concentrated liquid supplement perfect for Live Stock. As a result this supplement enhances rumen function and helps to avoid ill thrift, pining, in addition to stimulating protein, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in cattle and sheep.

    A deficiency in Cobalt and hence Vitamin B12 may result in affected cell membrane integrity and cause muscular dystrophy, retained placenta and weak calves and lambs.

    Ruminant, sheep, cattle etc. depend on billions of micro organisms that digest the food that enters into their rumen. In the case of lambs, eaten grass is broken down into the components. As a result the grass is being absorbed into their digestive systems.

    In order for the microbes in the rumen to convert feed into energy sources they need Vitamin B12.This Vitamin B12 is manufactured by microbes provided that they have adequate Cobalt available. Feeding Cobalt B12 with Selenium results in your lambs having sufficient levels of Cobalt and Vitamin B12.

    Feeding Guide

    • Lambs – 2.5ml
    • Calves – 5ml
    • Sheep – 5ml
    • Adult Cattle – 20ml