Natural Stockcare ProbiVit - E Top Dress 1 Kg

Code NSC/10
Code NSC/10
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  • Description

    A convenient way of supplying natural beneficial bacteria and Vitamin E thus restoring the natural balance affected at times of stress. Especially useful with weaning, intensive housing, transportation, batching and around dietary changes.


    • For calming animal when transporting to show and sale.

    • For calming at birth and weaning.

    • Efficient food utilisation will assist animal to grow and develop.


    • All new animals as soon as possible after birth.

    • All bought in or batched animals.

    • All animals subject to stress.

    • All animals suffering from loss of appetite.

    • After anti-biotic treatment.

    Doses per 1Kg:

    200 x Lambs or Kids

    100 x Calves or Ewes

    50 x Adult Cattle, Dairy Cows, Litter of Piglets or Sows


    Add to milk or feed for 10 days.

    5g – Lambs or Kids per animal, per day

    10g – Calves per day until the calf is eating

    10g – Ewes or Goats per animal, per day

    20g – Adult Cattle or Dairy Cows per animal, per day

    20g – Piglets per litter, per day top-dressed onto feed

    20g – Sows per animal, for 14 days and 7 days past

    20g – Parturition, top dressed onto feed to reduce contamination of the enviroment for piglets with undesirable micro-organisms.

    More Info:

    The intestines of all animals are lined with countless millions of bacteria and Vitamin E that either help or hinder the breakdown and digestion of food. Under ideal natural conditions the levels of beneficial bacteria are higher than those pathogenic bacteria. This delicate balance is easily upset by chemical change that can occur within the intestine at times of stress.

    ProbiVit-E Top Dress provides an easy way of supplying natural beneficial bacteria to redress the balance between helpful and beneficial bacteria in the gut. ProbiVit-E Top Dress is exclusively made with the beneficial bacteria. It comes in two convenient formulations; paste in syringe form or a top dress powder to sprinkle onto feed or mix with milk replacers.