Natural Stockcare Twin Plus - 250ml

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Code NSC/2
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  • Description

    Twin Plus is a complementary feedingstuff for use in all ages of sheep.

    Most importantly, Twin Plus has been specially formulated for Sheep. Use before tupping as well as during pregnancy.

    It is supplied in a unique base of Glucose and Propylene Glycol, and as a result it causes enhanced absorption.

    In other words Twin Plus is a uniquely formulated nutritional supplement for Sheep containing 20 different trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Essential for the nutritional maintenance of healthy sheep which is 100% bio-available, absorbed in the digestive tract faster and more effectively than standard drenches.


    • Designed specifically for sheep.

    • Assists in growth, live weight gain and immunity.

    • Provides a complete balance that is particularly helpful at conception time.


    12.5ml per 50kg body weight – 7 to 21 days before mating & 4 to 6 weeks before lambing.

    20ml per 80kg body weight – 7 to 21 days before mating & 4 to 6 weeks before lambing.

    Repeat at 2 – 3 month intervals.

    Pack size - 250ml