Novavet's Inver - Natural Scour Powder for all animals

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  • Description

    Novavet's Inver natural scour powder for all animals acts as a specially formulated aid to rehydration of scouring animals while inhibiting pathogenic bacteria and toxin production in the bowel.

    Inver contains electrolytes, beneficial bacteria and a unique blend of organic acids which help to control the pH of the gastro - intestinal tact, providing an ideal medium for the natural bowel flora to become established.

    This is the original probiotic scour treatment remedy.Each sachet is 40g

    Mix 1 sachet (40g) in 2 pints (approx 1 Litre) warm water

    Withdrawel of milk or milk replacer is not necessary. Should symptons persist, repeat dosage after 12 hours

    Dosage rates
    Calves, Foals, Sheep - 1 Sachet
    Horses, Cattle - 2 Sachets
    Lambs - 1/4 Sachet
    Pigs - 1 Sachet