Provita Lamb Colostrum

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Code PRO/18
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  • Description
    Provita Lamb Colostrum is an alternative to natural colostrum for lambs. It mixes easily and contains a high level of natural colostrum and egg powder. These ingredients provide extra nutrition for a lamb which has had insufficient or no colostrum from its dam. Lambs with low blood sugar levels are often lethargic and lack the will to suckle. Provita lamb colostrum concentrate will help lambs lacking in energy by providing a comprehensive package of energy and vitamins in each feed.

    Recommendations for use
    Provita Lamb Colostrum Concentrate is specifically formulated as a complementary feed to substitute or supplement natural colostrum from the ewe. It should be used in the event of the ewe having little of no colostrum or if there is any doubt that a lamb has received an adequate intake of colostrum. It should be fed as soon as possible after birth and ideally during the 1st 12 hours of life.

    Instructions for use

    When this product is used to supplement maternal colostrum 
    • 1 level scoop or 1/2 sachet (25g) to 100ml warm water
    When this product is used to totally substitute maternal colostrum
    • 2 level scoops or 1 sachet (50g) to 100ml warm water